Buksie with kombi and list of skills


Born 23 Jan 1986

Affectionately known as "Buksie". A nickname given to him by a former employer who believed he'll never make it on his own. The name "Buksie's Auto" also spawned from there and now serves as a reminder to his former employer that he has never been more wrong. Since Hannes has an incredibly kind heart and always treats his clients with respect, his well-loved clients are loyal to his work. His work ethic is meticulous and he believes that consistency is key when you're trying to grow a small business in such trying times.


Buksie started studying motor mechanics in school already. By the time he left school he had already completed his N3 alongside his academic senior certificate which also contained an extra subject in the same field.

He is also a fully RMI qualified motor mechanic and has raked over 20 (yes, twenty.) years experience working for specialists and accredited agents for brands like Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Honda, Mahindra, GWM and Gonow, but his favourite has always and will always be the sweet sound of a purring VW Beetle.

Herman and his skills


Born 22 July 1961

Also known as "Buksie's" old man. This guy is good at the little things. Because that rattle in the door or faceplate on the radio is probably going to stay that way unless you do something about it! Anyway, don't let his appearance throw you off. He's actually very friendly.


He was a history teacher back in the day. Even then he was indispensable because of his quick, accurate diagnoses and his patience with The Little Things.  He decided to take early retirement at 55 and is now living the dream by spending time with his son in the garage.

Dawie and his skills


Born 5 November 1895 (true story)

Dawie came to buksie's shortly after it opened. The first few months were so tight that we couldn't pay his full wage. He carried on grafting like an ox and said "we must work harder." Well, I guess that's just how we do things around here, ey?


Dawie can remove a beetle's engine by himself in 35 minutes.

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